Monday, June 20, 2011


I know that some of you will remember my baby bootie knitting. I made quite a few as you can see. I figured I would donate them, since my one DIL had a miscarriage. Well, got a call last night from our oldest son, the one that has the 15 year old. His wife is pregnant! Wow. They seem to be happy about it. So my DH said to me "well I guess you made those booties for a good reason."

I have also put alot of my crafts into a consignment shop. I don't know how that will work out, I like the craft shows, but I don't do heat well., so I'm giving it a shot.

I have also been asked by our small quilt shop here in town if I would make purse samples if they supplied the fabric and patterns. I would enjoy that, they just have to come up with a way to compensate me for my time. I told them I would do it for shop credit. I should hear something this week.

Have a great week everyone. Conne204


  1. It seems you have plenty of good news. The booties are all adorable. I hope all goes well for your son and his wife. Your purses and bags are lovely. What a great way to do something that you enjoy, and get credit for it.


  2. How lovely for you! Three "UPS" in one day! Who could ask for more?


  3. All good news! Hope all goes well with the pregnancy, as well as the shop credit for the purses! What fun that will be! ---"Love"

  4. THat is lots of good news. Best to DS and DIL. Let us know how the consignment shop works out.
    I sure hope you can strike a deal for making sample bags....cause you make the cutest bags.The shop would be lucky to have you sew for them.

  5. Life works in funny ways;) And compensation for the least get the bags when they are done displaying them;) Good luck with the consignment shop;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  6. You have a good head start Connie. Congrats to all. Yur bags are delightful and shop credit seems like a good deal. Ann :-)