Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Pillow

I've been busy trying to get ready for my next craft show on Labor Day. I decided to make some pot holders. My BFF (who lives in Alaska) was thinking of something different for her coworkers for Christmas. I told her I would make her Christmas Potholders and she could give them with her yummy Christmas cookies. So she sent me some pieced tops for potholders. Here are two that I've put together. I really like the reindeer one. I talked to her on Sat. and she told me to try and sell them. She would make more and she really enjoyed making them.

In the middle of all the potholders, crayon rollups, etc. Our 7 week old grandson was being baptised yesterday. So I put my sewing on hold for a couple of days and made him this little pillow. I placed a label on the back with his Baptism date and from his Grandma and Grandpa. My DH was very proud. My stepson is also Andrew. So now we have three Andrews, should be interesting. I thought it turned out great. Before I started quilting and sewing, I did alot of counted cross stitch. I hope that one day he looks back on it and remembers us.
I won't have alot of time at the end of this week, as my DH has a kidney stone lodged between his kidney and bladder and will be having a Liprotipsy (shockwave) Thursday to hopefully shatter the stone which is the size of a pea. Right now he's not in a lot of pain, just being impatient to get it over with. Can't much blame him there.
I do really need to make a quilt for a neighbor that has been dianosed with throat cancer. He has been going through kemo and radiation, not doing well. He is 74 and cold all the time. With the heat we've had here his wife finally gave in and turned on the a/c. After labor day I will head to the quilt store and see if I can find some fun fabric for a lap quilt for him.
Have a great week.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wrong Market???

I did the craft show this weekend. Sat. is poured, but Sunday it was nice. I didn't do well at all. We were in a small town and there were maybe 15 vendors. The ones that did well were the flea market people. The vendors (like myself) that made their own jewelry, etc. Didn't fare well. I was discouraged and thought if I heard one more person tell me "how cute and nice" my things were (without buying) I was going to cry. I really didn't feel I had overpriced anything. I am going to try one more on labor day. This show is strickly handcrafted items. They don't allow flea market items or stuff bought and you resell. So maybe that will be a better venue. I haven't given up, yet.