Friday, June 18, 2010

A Great Surprise from faraway

I haven't had anything good to blog about lately, until I received this package from Ann for winning her latest giveaway. I was so excited. Everything was wrapped so pretty and then what a surprise inside. A great magazine, a cup from Australia (so cool), notecards, a wonderful ornament that says "Quilt til you wilt" hand embrodiered, of course, a charm pack (which I will do something special with and a pattern for bags (my favorite thing). Chocolate, YUM

I then sat down and had a cup of tea and looked through the magazine. To my surprise there was a pretty victorian purse. I then thought about the purse I made back in 1995 for a cross stitch show. It's beaded and I made it out of velvet.

I'm sorry for the other two posts that I have no idea how they showed up. I didn't hit publish. I have been struggling with just trying to get these pictures on. Still not right but I'm tired of trying.

Thank you, Ann. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Connie204

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Need help!

I am trying really hard to post some pics and it won't let me move them in the order I want. I'm sure there is a secret but I don't know it. Can anyone help please.

Thank you, Connie204