Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Update!

Saturday after the lady from the consignment shop was supposed to meet me for the 4th time and didn't show. My husband stopped by the police and asked what we could do. The officer was very nice and said that he would keep checking the place. Today I got a call from the officer and she was there. He told her I wanted my things. He called me and told me that I should go over right away otherwise he didn't feel that I would get anything back. So my DH and I went over and got my things. Yeah. I never would have thought to go to the police. Thank goodness my DH thought to talk to the police. I thanked the officer for being so helpful. I feel so much better. However, I will think very hard before I trust this type of situation again.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank Goodness it's a new week.

It looks like "Love" had a worse week then I had. A week ago Sunday all of our kids and grandkids came over to celebrate my husband's BD. Right before they showed up I had this awful flashing light in my right eye that wouldn't go away. Monday I saw the eye doctor and they said it was flashing and a floater, but otherwise my eyes were fine. My eye is still bothering me and it's quite annoying.

I then found out on Tues. that the Cosignment shop that I put some of my wares in, was closing up. I had been by there a few times in the past weeks to find it closed. So I started calling the owner. Since last Wed. I have made 4 appts with her to let me in to get my stuff. Well, she has stood me up each time with an excuse. So I had to do some digging and found out who the landlord was. I have called him twice and left messages. I am still calling the owner with no response. I figure I have approx. $500 worth of merchandise there. My husband told me I might have to chalk it up to experieince. I'm not ready to give up yet. We have notified the police of the problem and they did say that if they saw any activity they would call us. The police officer said that in our times today, you just can't trust anyone. I feel really stupid and am really mad at myself. Although I will keep trying to retrieve my things. There was alot of work involved.

My oldest stepson was supposed to close on his home on Friday. He has moved wife, baby and himself to his mother's for the next few months until his new home is ready. Unfortunately, the house didn't close and he may now have two house payments.

The week was a little brighter when a good friend came out for lunch and a sewing lession, however, it was so warm in my loft sewing area that we decided to put off the lession til it cooled off. She also volunteered herself to help us pack. We will be moving in the next few months.

To a brighter side. I had made my GD an Ipod holder. She now has an Iphone, so I did make her a larger Iphone holder. I will send it to her this week.

To end this long story, I have a picture of our new kitten who is just too funny and I couldn't resist taking this picture. The caption should read "IT'S JUST TOO HOT".

I'm sure it will all get better. Have a good week.

Connie 204