Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Update!

Saturday after the lady from the consignment shop was supposed to meet me for the 4th time and didn't show. My husband stopped by the police and asked what we could do. The officer was very nice and said that he would keep checking the place. Today I got a call from the officer and she was there. He told her I wanted my things. He called me and told me that I should go over right away otherwise he didn't feel that I would get anything back. So my DH and I went over and got my things. Yeah. I never would have thought to go to the police. Thank goodness my DH thought to talk to the police. I thanked the officer for being so helpful. I feel so much better. However, I will think very hard before I trust this type of situation again.



  1. That's great news! Most times people respond to policemen without a hassle; glad it worked for you this time. ---"Love"

  2. I'm so glad you got your things back!

  3. Yes!!! So gald you got your things back.