Friday, July 22, 2011

Difficult to sew this way!

Besides being very warm in my sewing room. Our new kitty "Socks" doesn't like that I'm paying more attention to my sewing machine. I've been making some purse samples for the quilt shop and I guess he would rather I pay attention to him. Hope everyone is staying cool. Happy weekend. Connie204

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Last week my hubby went out to the driveway for his paper and this little bundle of joy found him. He thinks he came out of the bushes. I think someone dumped him, which I will never understand. No one has been looking for him and I've checked the papers. Everyone says it was fate. So here I introduce you to "Sox" my hubby named him. I haven't had a kitten in almost 20 years and he sure is a little dickens. So he is keeping this old lady hopping.

In between all lthe kitty stuff. I was able to put together my first sample purse for the shop. I have a couple more to make, but today we are off to my grandson's first birthday party in the heat.

Have a wonderful fourth of July weekend everyone.


P.S. One day I will figure out how to move these pictures around.