Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A little something!

We have been going to my DH's Aunt on Christmas day for more Christmas days that I can remember. I always got her grandchildren something. However, the family has really grown and we haven't been able to afford much. So thanks to "Dairy of a Quilters" blog. The little stockings tutorial. I thought I've got a stash of Christmas material. Why not make all the little ones stockings and fill them with some fun candy. They worked up really quick and as my DH said the kids will probably like the candy best. But at least they will get something from us this year.
Merry Christmas!! Connie204

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Almost There!

I have done all my sewing for gifts and today I finished putting together my yearly cross stitch ornaments for my grandchildren. I did a snowman theme this year. The snowman with the presents is for my 14 yr old GD, Joy is for my 3 yr old GD and the carrot nose is for our new GS. My oldest GD has her own tree filled with all the ornaments I have made her. My oldest GD has her own tree filled with all I've made her and every year she told me she looks forward to another one. I have been making Xmas potholders and potato bags as gifts this year.
Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas and all my best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year. Connie204

Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Snow

I haven't posted for awhile. It's been really crazy around here lately. Still looking for a job, like the rest of the country.
I still can't figure out how to move these darn photos around. So I will explain them one by one. I woke up to our first snow of the season. Couldn't resist taking a picture of the birds in the feeder.
A few weeks ago I decided to clean out some of my scrap bins. I need the room. I started with the flannel scraps from all the rag quilts I've made. I ended up putting together three baby quilts. The lime green I finished the other two are still in the works.
I have been trying to keep up with everyone here. I loved the little wallets that Katie made. My granddaughter (14 yr old) just wants gift cards. I couldn't just give her that. So here they are Katie and thank you. I also couldn't find any cute charms to fit the key chains, but still looking.
I'm doing another craft show next Sat. I may make some more of these little wallets and see if they sell. I haven't figured out what to sell them for yet. I've been getting the zippers for $.99 and I had the vinyl and all the scraps.
One more little mention. One of my dear friends called this week and she brought two friends with her yesterday. We did a quilt shop and lunch. It was so much fun and really cheered me up.
To everyone here, enjoy the Christmas season and hugs to everyone.